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  1. Australian Capital Territory

    Embassy of Japan


    112 Empire Circuit , Yarralumla, ACT 2600

    Web Site Url

    Protocol & Ambassador's Office

    Consular & Visa Enquiries:

    Cultural & Information Enquiries:

    Economic Enquiries:


    +61 02 6273 3244


    +61 02 6273 1848

    Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 12.30 pm / 1.30 pm - 5.00 pm Consular: 9.00 am - 12.00 pm / 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm

      His Excellency Mr Shingo YAMAGAMI

      Ambassador of Japan (17 February 2021)

      Mrs Kaoru YAMAGAMI

      Mr Shutaro OMURA

      Minister / Deputy Head of Mission

      Mrs Saho OMURA

      Mr Tadaatsu MORI


      Mr Hiroshi OKAMOTO


      Mr Satoshi MAEMA


      Ms Rika MAEMA

      Mr Shigeyuki UNO


      Mrs Emiko UNO

      Ms Megumi ISHIZUKA

      First Secretary

      Mrs Yuko NAGANO

      First Secretary

      Mr Yoshiki NAGANO

      Mr Takefumi HORIGUCHI

      First Secretary

      Mrs Kanako HORIGUCHI

      Dr Osamu ITOYA

      Counsellor (Medical)

      Mrs Akemi ITOYA

      Captain Reona ASO

      Naval Attaché

      Mrs Tomoko ASO

      Mr Yuji IKAI

      First Secretary

      Mrs Manami IKAI

      Mr Koichi YAMAGATA

      First Secretary

      Mrs Mariko YAMAGATA

      Mr Yuzen NARAGINO

      First Secretary

      Mrs Hiromi NARAGINO

      Mr Shohei SASAKI

      First Secretary

      Mrs Sayuki SASAKI

      Col Satoshi YASUGI

      Air Force Attaché

      Mrs Hiroko YASUGI

      Mr Yasuhito SAKURAI

      First Secretary

      Mrs Yumiko SAKURAI

      Colonel Yosuke OTA

      Army Attaché

      Mrs Yukiko OTA


      First Secretary

      Mrs Ayano NISHIGAHIRO

      Mr Akira TSUCHIYA

      First Secretary

      Mrs Midori TSUCHIYA

      Ms Tomoko NAGAI

      First Secretary

      Mr Ryoichi ARAKAWA

      First Secretary

      Mrs Naoko ARAKAWA

      Mr Hiroki NAKASE

      First Secretary

      Mrs Megumi NAKASE

      Ms Yoshimi HAYASHI

      First Secretary

      Mr Hiroaki SATAKE

      First Secretary

      Mrs Sayuri SATAKE

      Mr Takuya ONO

      First Secretary

      Mr Soichiro TERAO

      First Secretary

      Mrs Naoko TERAO

      Mr Akira SUEZAWA

      Second Secretary

      Mr Satoshi KASAI

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Fusasko KASAI

      Mr Tatsushi FURUKI

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Moeka FURUKI

      Mr Shu MOMOSE

      Third Secretary

      Ms Mami SAKATA