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  1. Australian Capital Territory

    Embassy of France


    6 Perth Avenue , Yarralumla, ACT 2600

    Email Address

    Email Address

    Web Site Url


    +61 02 6216 0100


    +61 02 6216 0127

    Monday - Thursday: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm / 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm Friday: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm / 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm (Embassy is unable to respond to queries regarding visas)

    Economic Department

    Email Address


    +61 02 6216 0116


    +61 02 6216 0114

      His Excellency Mr Pierre-Andre IMBERT

      Ambassador of France (30 January 2024)

      Mrs Sarah-Jane Kathleen MIROU

      Ms Julie LE SAOS

      Deputy Head of Mission

      Mrs Lucille Marie SANCHO

      Counsellor (Political)

      Mr Rémi Nicolas LE FRANCOIS

      Mr Victor Emmanuel KARAYAN

      Counsellor (Political)

      Mrs Philippine LEFEVRE EP KARAYAN

      Mr Boris TOUCAS

      Counsellor (Culture, Science and Education)

      Mr Francois-Ronan DUBOIS

      Attaché (Scientific Affairs)



      Ms Alexandra Anne Sophie PALAZZOLO

      Capt Yann Laurent Alain LE ROUX

      Defence Attaché

      Mr Florian Pascal MORILHAT

      First Secretary

      Ms Zoe, Flore, Marie BARATIN EP MORILHAT

      Mr Guillaume LE GOUZ DE SAINT SEINE

      First Secretary

      Mrs Laetitia DE CROUY CHANEL

      Mr Frederic Claude Pierre TOMMELEYN

      First Secretary

      Mr Geoffrey BESSE

      Third Secretary

      Ms Mélanie LE CUN

      Mr Kambiz MOHKAM

      Counsellor (Economics)

      Mrs Melanie KABA SINGH


      Mr Davinder SINGH

      Ms Diane Claudia Noëlla FAUCONNIER

      Counsellor (Sustainable Development)

      Dr Yves LAFOY

      Counsellor (New Caledonia)

      Mr Gregory CORNILLON

      Attaché (Security)

      Ms Louise Anne-Marie Burchenshaw ELLIOTT

      Mr Jean-François COULSON

      Attaché (Police Liason Officer)

      Ms Laurence FAYARD

      Mr Laurent GRISON

      First Secretary

      Mrs Paldon TSERING ép. GRISON

      Mr Yann EVRARD

      Third Secretary

      Mr Fabien APPAVOU

      Third Secretary

      Ms Yumi YAMAMOTO

      Mr Louis-Vincent Gay

      Second Secretary

      Ms Ajak GAY-WINSTON

      Mr Vincent HEBRAIL-MUET

      Attaché (Agriculture)

      Ms Lucile Mathilde Marthe HEBRAIL-MUET