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United States of America

  1. Australian Capital Territory

    Embassy of the United States of America


    Moonah Place , Yarralumla, ACT 2600

    Email Address

    Web Site Url


    +61 02 6214 5600


    +61 02 6214 5930

    Monday - Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Consular Hours: By Appointment

      Her Excellency Ms Caroline KENNEDY

      Ambassador of the United States of America (25 July 2022)

      Dr Edwin Arthur SCHLOSSBERG

      Ms Erika OLSON

      Minister-Counsellor (Deputy Chief of Mission)

      Mr Juan AVECILLA

      Counsellor (Management Affairs)

      Ms Eri Haruguchi AVECILLA

      Mr Jeffrey ANDERSON


      Mr Onur ERDEM

      Mr Michael Alan SULLIVAN

      Counsellor (Economic)

      Mr Muhammad Hassaan KHAN

      Mr David MUNIZ

      Counsellor (Political Officer)

      Mrs Oksana Vladislavovna MUNIZ

      Mr Bennett KELLEY-BELL


      Mrs Samantha Kate ANTRAM

      Mr Joseph JAMES

      Second Secretary

      Ms Caroline JAMES

      Ms Tracy LUTZ

      Second Secretary

      Mr Henry William LUTZ III

      Mr Grant LIVINGSTON

      Second Secretary


      Mr Joshua KOWERT

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Baylee Arrena Locker KOWERT

      Mrs Kristen HOLT

      Second Secretary

      Mr Matthew Thomas HOLT

      Mr Anupam MOHANTY

      Second Secretary

      Ms Krupa Thakore MOHANTY

      Colonel Aaron Douglas BROOKS

      Defence Attaché

      Mrs Christy Anne BROOKS

      Major Adam Wayne GREER

      Air Force Attaché

      Mrs Sherrina GREER

      Capt Kevin QUARDERER

      Naval Attaché

      Mrs Janell QUARDERER

      Major Jacob Joseph KREBS

      Marine Attaché

      Major Andrew CAMPBELL

      Attaché (Defence Material - Air Force)

      Mrs Caroline Beaulieu CAMPBELL

      Major Stefan GORAY

      Assistant Defence Attaché (Army)

      Mrs Lauren Anne GORAY

      Mr Craig HALBMAIER

      First Secretary

      Mrs Crystal Marie HALBMAIER

      Ms Kristina RYAN

      First Secretary

      Mr Boubacar IDE


      Mrs Julie A Burke IDE

      Mr Colby HELMS

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mrs Rebecca Jeanne HELMS

      Ms Shelby BEDELL

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mr Andrew Roger BEDELL

      Mr Austin CURNOW


      Mrs Kirsten Jane CURNOW

      Mr Matthew OLSON


      Mrs Lauren Kristen OLSON

      Mr Thomas Samuel BREEDEN

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mrs Angela Sue BREEDEN

      Mr John GENNARI


      Ms Antoinette BETHKE

      Second Secretary

      Mr Brooks Randall BETHKE

      Mr William Peter CLARK

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Jacqueline Gail CLARK

      Mr Young HAN

      Second Secretary

      Ms Bo Young KIM

      Mr Michael LECHLITNER


      Mrs Theresa LECHLITNER

      Ms Falisha RICHARDSON


      Mr Harold Lamonte RICHARDSON

      Mr Brian HOYT

      First Secretary

      Ms Cigdem Zeynep SOYLUOGLU-HOYT

      Ms Grace CHUNG

      Second Secretary

      Mr Luis Alexander CROUCH

      Mr Donald HOWARD

      Second Secretary

      Ms Harriet Elisabeth Mordey FOSTER

      Ms Carol KIM

      First Secretary

      Ms Dominque Tayag Narciso KIM

      Miss Jessica MARTIN

      Second Secretary

      Mr Andrew SALO

      Ms Sharyn MORIN

      Second Secretary

      Mr Nicholas Arthur MORIN

      Ms Kirstin ADAMOWICZ

      Second Secretary

      Mr Scott Anthony ADAMOWICZ

      Mr Kyler KRONMILLER

      Second Secretary

      Ms Melyn Whitehead KRONMILLER

      Mr Aron INGALLS


      Mrs Denille Ann INGALLS

      MAJ Derek PARNELL

      Attaché (Defence Materiel-Army)

      Ms Rowena Virtudes PARNELL

      Captain Amanda M RAMASSINI

      Coast Guard Attaché

      LCDR Lakir PATEL

      Attaché (Defence Materiel - Navy)

      Mrs Elizabeth PATEL

      Colonel Lewis VAUGHN III

      Attaché (Defence Materiel)

      Lieutenant Colonel Aaron VEVASIS


      Mrs Faye Ann VEVASIS

      Mr Christopher GILLIS


      Ms Audrey Jane ROY

      First Secretary

      Mr Thomas MINIACI

      Ms Nitiana MANN

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mr James Craig MANN

      Mr Dennis BOWERMAN


      Mrs Jane BOWERMAN

      Mr Walter HARVEY III


      Ms Ann Johnston HARVEY

      Ms Kathryn Marie Kahn HELMS

      Attaché (Political)

      Mr Charles McChord CARRICO III


      Mr Gerald SMITH

      First Secretary (Agricultural)

      Mrs Olivette Delphine SMITH

      Mr Christopher MURRAY


      Ms Emily MILLER


      Ms Shelley JANES


      Ms Esmeralda Lopez JANES

      Mr Jeffrey DUNCAN

      Second Secretary

      Ms Heather GRANT

      First Secretary

      Mr Blake CHRYSTAL


      Mr Alan CLARK

      First Secretary

      Mrs Mika CLARK

      Mr Gregory Michael MOHRMAN

      First Secretary

      Mr Steven BENFELL

      First Secretary

      Mrs Jill Smith BENFELL

      Dr Paul Jay NEUMANN


      Mr Evan PATTERSON

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mrs Amy PATTERSON

      Mr Ernest VERINA III


      Mr Terry Allen ALSTON

      First Secretary

      Ms Samantha DENARDIS


      Mr Anthony Joseph DENARDIS

      Mr Brian MIRANDA

      Second Secretary

      Mr Ali Orhan EDALI

      Mr James DAVIS

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Jessica Weiss DAVIS

      Mr Brian GALLO

      Second Secretary

      Mr Nathan HOLDER


      Mrs Hanne Danielle HOLDER

      Ms Robin LOWE

      Second Secretary

      Mr Jarratt GAYDEN

      Second Secretary

      Ms Kristen Katherine SHEA

      Mr Ryan VEAR

      Second Secretary

      Ms Amanada JoAnn Post VEAR

      Ms Rachel Lilian ALVAREZ

      Second Secretary

      Mr Jonathan ALVAREZ

      Ms Shannon HOWARD


      Ms Mara BIRD

      Second Secretary

      Mr Javier Mauricio SANABRIA

      Mr Jacob THOMASES

      Third Secretary

      Mrs Caren Camila THOMASES

      Ms Cynthia MILLER

      First Secretary

      Mr David FAGLEY

      First Secretary

      Ms Lisa Kate MIDDLETON

      Mr Leon JONES II

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Ashley Kathryn Pinney JONES

      Ms Christine BATSON

      Second Secretary

      Ms Maria Emelyn Villa BRYK

      Ms Yodit TEWELDE

      Second Secretary

      Mr Evan Hesse PHILLIPS

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Carolyn PHILLIPS

      Mr John Stephenson

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Katelyn Rosa Stephenson

      Ms Sarah FINK

      First Secretary

      Mr Gregory Neil FINK

      Mr Jason Jeffery STEPHENSON

      First Secretary

      Ms Robin Nicole STEPHENSON

      Mr Loren ALLEN

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Laura Johnson ALLEN

      Mr John Edward OAKES JR

      Attaché (Security Engineering Officer)

      Mrs Sarah Nicole OAKES

      Ms Debra HUNGERFORD

      First Secretary

      Mr Jason HALE

      Attaché (Information System Officer)

      Ms Erin Parker HALE

      Mr Christopher Lee RHODES

      Attaché (Foreign Disclosure Officer)

      Mrs Maria Wai-Aria KARRAS

      Mr Brian Robert COATTA


      Mr Michael SYKES

      Second Secretary

      Ms Gwen Ellen SYKES