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United States of America

  1. Australian Capital Territory

    Embassy of the United States of America


    Moonah Place , Yarralumla, ACT 2600

    Email Address

    Web Site Url


    +61 02 6214 5600


    +61 02 6214 5930

    Monday - Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm Consular Hours: By Appointment

      Mr Michael GOLDMAN

      Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the United States of America (18 January 2021)

      Ms Brett JONES

      Mr David LAMONTAGNE


      Mr Gavin SUNDWALL


      Mrs Giselle Marie Barraza SUNDWALL

      Mr Douglas SONNEK



      Colonel Christopher INGLETON

      Attaché (Defence Materiel)

      Mrs Cindy Denise INGLETON

      Col. Shane GRIES

      Army Attaché

      Mrs Myong Hye GRIES

      Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Blair CUNNAR

      Air Force Attaché

      Mrs Kathryn Elizabeth CUNNAR

      Commander Matthew ORT

      Naval Attaché

      Mrs Krissy Ann ORT

      Ms Peggy Jeanne WALKER

      Counsellor (Political)

      Colonel Scott WESTON

      Defence Attaché

      Mrs Wendy Whitehead WESTON

      LCDR Michael TOMSIK

      Navy Attaché (Defence Materiel)

      Ms Tiffany Shuyi LAI

      Lt Col Mark WEINRICH

      Marine Attaché

      Mrs Kathryn WEINRICH

      LTC Alan THROOP


      Mrs Meryia Dawn THROOP

      CDR Tobias REID


      Mrs Laura Christine Lavedas REID

      Major Matthew Alan HOUSE

      Army Attaché

      Mrs Deanna Marie HOUSE

      Mr Adam Keith PARKS


      Mrs Heather Anne PARKS

      Mr Kevin MERKEL


      Mrs Dianne MERKEL

      LTC Emily FREEMAN

      Assistant (Army) Defence Attaché

      Lieutenant Commander Joseph Anthony JANKOLA


      Mrs Elizabeth Anne JANKOLA

      Mr Ryan R RUTA

      First Secretary

      Mrs Twyla Rosemary RUTA

      Mr Ryan MACFARLANE


      Mrs Alicia MACFARLANE

      Mr Colby HELMS

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mrs Rebecca Jeanne HELMS

      Mr Daniel Wade SUMMERS


      Mrs Kristie Elisiva Latu SUMMERS

      Mr Timothy ALTOMARE


      Mrs Sophia Danielle ALTOMARE



      Mrs Debra Irene MILLER

      Mr Gary DEMPSEY

      First Secretary

      Mrs Teresa Pugh DEMPSEY

      Mrs Sally HENNESSY

      Second Secretary

      Mr Brian G HENNESSY

      Mr Jose MARTINEZ

      First Secretary

      Mrs Erika Paloma MARTINEZ

      Dr Michael MAHONEY


      Mrs Pamela Sue MAHONEY

      Mr Michael KROISS


      Mrs Emily Louise KROISS

      Mr Douglas ARONSON


      Mrs Amanda Marie ARONSON

      Ms Sarah Melissa HERNANDEZ

      Second Secretary

      Mr Jason Neil DEXTER

      Ms Lara SULLIVAN

      Second Secretary

      Mr Shawn Richard SULLIVAN

      Mr Jeffery SARTIN

      Second Secretary

      Ms Chantal PINARD

      Ms Mary CALLAGHAN

      Second Secretary

      Ms Mariam YAQUB

      Second Secretary

      Mr Michael Aaron Mead YAQUB

      Mr Timothy JOHNSON

      Second Secretary

      Mr David GUTIERREZ

      Second Secretary

      Ms Wendy Anne WALBRUN


      Mr Benjamin Joseph BABCOCK


      Mr Casey FARRELL


      Maj. Travis JACOBS

      Attaché (Defence Materiel)

      Mrs Tiffany Elaine JACOBS

      Mr James MCMAHON


      Mrs Holly Lynn MCMAHON

      Mr Kevin KETCHMARK


      Mrs Lucia Aurora NACHON HESLESS

      Mr Anthony RUSSO

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mrs Jacquelyn Kennedy RUSSO

      Mr Michael KELLY

      Attache (Legal)

      Mrs Tracy Cantwell KELLY

      Mr Bryan SILVESTRO

      Attaché (Legal)

      Ms Cecily Beth GREISSER

      Mr Daniel FAITH

      Attaché (Legal)

      Mrs Julie Ann FAITH

      Mr Osman Murat KOCLAR


      Mr Glenn Coloma BAGUIO


      Mrs Shannon HOENIGMAN-BAGUIO

      Ms Janet MEYER


      Mr Tyrone CAMPBELL


      Mr Brett RAUDENBUSH


      Mr Todd CISZ

      First Secretary

      Mr Levin FLAKE

      First Secretary

      Mrs Melissa FLAKE

      Ms Nicole KIRKWOOD

      First Secretary

      Mr Frederick STEFFENS


      Mrs Michele Ann STEFFENS

      Mr Edward GISTARO

      First Secretary

      Ms Christine GISTARO

      Mr Steven DYOKAS

      First Secretary

      Mrs Junko DYOKAS

      Mr Douglas SCHEERER

      First Secretary

      Mrs Kelli Boehm SCHEERER

      Ms Nancy TALBOT

      First Secretary

      Mr Youssef BIDAR

      Mr Charles DAVIS

      First Secretary

      Mr Zachary SMITH


      Mrs Maiko SMITH

      Mr Peter DYCAICO

      First Secretary

      Mrs Hiroko DYCAICO

      Mr Anish SHAH

      First Secretary

      MRS Ulupi A SHAH

      Mr Kent RATZLAFF

      Attaché (Security Engineering Officer)

      Mrs Jennavieve Beth RATZLAFF

      Mr Dion Timothy SANDERS

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Ima Brein SANDERS

      Ms Kimlang BISSONNETTE

      Second Secretary

      Mr Mark Joseph BISSONNETTE

      Mr Douglas HICKEY

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Melissa Eddison HICKEY

      Mr Christopher Richard CHOQUETTE


      Ms Emily Lucas GENUNG

      Ms Connie Lynn JOHNSON

      Second Secretary

      Mr Kent MULLEN

      Second Secretary

      Ms Jessica Tiah Huileng MULLEN

      Mr Evan Darrin MCKINNEY


      Mrs Sandi Finkelsen MCKINNEY

      Mr Ryan KARR

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Olivia Prevost KARR

      Mr Tanner Clark PARKINSON

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Katie Evans PARKINSON

      Mr Hamish WILMAN

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Kendra Colleen WILMAN

      Ms Katy O'TOOLE

      Second Secretary (Political)

      Mr Ryan David O'TOOLE

      Ms Jacqueline WILSON

      Second Secretary

      Mr Mark Anthony WILSON

      Ms Alexis Leshelle GREEVER

      Second Secretary

      Mr Kasey Charles GREEVER

      Ms Lisa Ann LUDKA

      Second Secretary

      Mr Patrick KOUCHERAVY

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Grace Scallon KOUCHERAVY

      Mr Brian MIRANDA

      Second Secretary

      Mr Ali Orhan EDALI

      Mr James DAVIS

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Jessica Weiss DAVIS

      Miss Jessica MARTIN

      Second Secretary

      Mr Thomas BILLINGSLEY

      Second Secretary

      Ms Natalie COOPER

      Mr John HESFORD JR

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Kathleen Steel HESFORD

      Ms Katherine WHITLOW

      Second Secretary

      Mr Daniel WHITLOW