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United Kingdom

  1. Australian Capital Territory

    British High Commission


    Commonwealth Avenue , Yarralumla, ACT 2600

    Web Site Url

    Email Address

    Web Site Url


    +61 02 6270 6666


    +61 02 6273 3236

    Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00 pm (By appointment only)

      Her Excellency Mrs Victoria Marguerite TREADELL CMG MVO

      High Commissioner for the United Kingdom (12 March 2019)

      Mr Alan TREADELL

      Mr Nicholas CROUCH

      Deputy High Commissioner

      Ms Mary Jane HUNT


      Mr John Graham HUNT

      Mr Alistair BRIDGWOOD


      Mr David Michael Joseph COYLE


      Ms Anca Valeria DAVIDOIU

      Ms Laura Rose GILES


      Brigadier Nigel Jonathan BEST

      Defence Adviser

      Ms Penelope Louise BEST

      Captain Charles Ian MAYNARD

      Deputy Defence Adviser

      Ms Melissa Jane MAYNARD

      Wing Commander Faye WISEMAN

      Assistant Defence Adviser

      Lieutenant Colonel Oliver William John GRAY

      Naval Adviser

      Wing Commander Timothy Martin FROGLEY

      Air Adviser

      Ms Rebecca Kirsty FROGLEY

      Commander Mohayed MAGZOUB


      Mrs Lucy Anna MAGZOUB

      Mr Christopher TIERNEY

      First Secretary

      Mrs Deborah Irene TIERNEY

      Mr James Samuel WEBB

      First Secretary

      Mr Nick MOSS-NORBURY

      First Secretary

      Mrs Ivonne MOSS-NORBURY

      Mr David Douglas MCNAUGHT

      First Secretary

      Mr Richard O'HARA

      First Secretary

      Ms Sherly O'HARA

      Ms Hazel Lee GIDLEY-WEBB

      First Secretary

      Mr David Symonds LLOYD-DAVIES

      First Secretary

      Ms Sosina Hailu LLOYD-DAVIES

      Ms Jacqueline Rebecca HURST

      First Secretary

      Mr Paul MCNULTY

      First Secretary

      Mr Andrew John DUFTON

      Ms Rebecca Ann LAMBLEY

      First Secretary

      Mr Joshua Kit LIBBERTON

      Ms Claire Aziza ALLAN

      First Secretary

      Mr Murray William AITKEN

      First Secretary

      Mr Hanno TRAYHURN

      First Secretary

      Ms Laura Anne TRAYHURN

      Ms Bernadette Theresa GREENE

      First Secretary

      Ms Alice Francesca BEXSON

      First Secretary

      Mr Arnie SOOKDEO

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Jennifer Louise NEWTON

      Mrs Eliyadurage Apsara Ranmali MCNAUGHT

      Second Secretary

      Mr Oz ADARI

      Second Secretary

      Miss Riley Isabelle WILBER

      Mr Charles Radclyffe TURNER

      Second Secretary

      Ms Kathryn Louise TURNER

      Dr Shane Jordan Kier HUSSEY

      Second Secretary

      Mr Joseph Peter MORLEY

      Ms Gillian WHITWORTH

      Second Secretary

      Mr Philip Richard JOHNSON

      Ms Megan Elisabeth HOUSTON

      Second Secretary

      Ms Lara Maria CONNOLLEY

      Ms Lauren Elise LUCKHURST

      Second Secretary

      Mr William George RAYMENT

      Mr Robbie David KEERS

      Second Secretary

      Ms Hannah Duncombe OXLEY

      Mr Sam Christopher RICHARDSON

      Second Secretary

      Ms Rosalind Marie PURCELL

      Second Secretary

      Ms Aliya NASER

      Second Secretary

      Mr Karrus Santosh Mukund BAKSHI

      Second Secretary

      Ms Poppy Elizabeth May AKERS

      Mr David Anthony NORRISS

      Third Secretary

      Ms Kelly Marie BEALE

      Mrs Julia Christine MACGREGOR


      Mr Grant MACGREGOR

      Mr Sean Antony TOBIAS


      Ms Lucy Florence INWOOD

      Mr Mark ASHE


      Mr William PLATT


      Mrs Julia Catherine PLATT