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Saudi Arabia

  1. Australian Capital Territory

    Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia


    38 Guilfoyle Street , Yarralumla, ACT 2600

    Web Site Url

    Email Address


    +61 02 6250 7000


    +61 02 6282 8911

    Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

    Cultural Office

    16 Watson Street , Turner, ACT 2600


    02 6269 3170

      His Excellency Mr Mesaad Ibrahim A. AL SULAIM

      Ambassador of Saudi Arabia (29 August 2018)

      Mr Ahmed Yahya A. AL DAGREER


      Mrs Iman Salem H. AL GREESHAH

      Captain (Navy) Sami Fahad T ALMOTAIRY


      Mrs Fadiah Galib L ALMOTAIRY

      Dr Hesham Abdulrahman A KHADAWARDI

      Cultural Attaché

      Mrs Enaam ALHASHIMI

      Mr Ibrahim Ali A BNJUMAIAH

      Assistant Military Attache

      Mrs Hanadi Saud ALYAISH

      Mr Waleed Abdullah A ALGHOFAILI

      Attaché (Finance - Military Office)

      Mrs Ibtesam Ahmad M. ALMUTAIRI

      Mr Saleh ALBADR

      First Secretary

      Mrs Muneerah ALBADR

      Mr Ali Abdullah M. ALHOWIDY

      First Secretary

      Mrs Fouzeh Saad M. ALBESHREE

      Mr Nafe Zaid ALSHAIBANI

      First Secretary

      Mrs Turkiah Faris ALOTAIBI

      Mr Abdulaziz Saeed S. ALSHUBRUMI

      First Secretary

      Mr Khalid Mohammed A ALGARNI

      Second Secretary

      Mrs Fawzyah Mohammed A ALGARNI

      Mr Anwar Abdulaziz ALSOULY


      Mrs Hala Abdulaziz M. ALSOULY

      Mr Faisal Ghazi A. ALHARBI

      Third Secretary

      Mrs Lena Abdulaziz S. ALTURAIQY

      Mr Adel Rashed N ALHRABY


      Mr Abdullah Oudah S. ALANAZI


      Mrs Mashaeal Qraiban M ALANAZI

      Ms Munirah Saleh ALOMRAN

      Attaché (Media)

      Mr Ahmad ALZAHRANI


      Mrs Marfat M H ALI

      Mr Mufarah ALSHEHRI


      Mrs Halemah ALAMRI

      Mr Abdulaziz Saad I ALMUTAWA


      Mrs Atheer Saud H ALJABREEN

      Mr Ahmed Saleh ALOBAID


      Mrs Luluh Abdulaziz ALAMER

      Mr Ahmed Mohammad D. ALSHAMMARI


      Mrs Khulud Aqeel D. ALSHAMMARI

      Mr Mohammad Fhaid N ASLAMI


      Mrs Alaa Hashr S ALAMRI

      Mr Ahmed Salman A. ALGHAMDI


      Mrs Salma Hussain T. AL ATEF

      Mr Fahd Hefzi M. ASERI


      MRS Areej Ahmed F ASIRI

      Mr Abdulaziz ALSAYKHAN


      Mrs Nouf ALOBAYLAN

      Mr Mohammed Ibrahim M. ALALMAEY


      Mrs Alhanouf Mohammed A. ALHOMRANI

      Mr Abdullah Khalid Z. ALMUTAIRI


      Mrs Bushra Khalaf A. ALMUTAIRI

      Mr Omar Mohsen M. HAMDI

      Attaché (Military Office)

      Mrs Aeshah Hassan A. HAMDI

      Mr Abdulmajeed Ali M AL QAHTANI

      Attaché (Military Office)

      Mrs Munirah Mohanned AL QAHTANI

      Mr Abdulnaser Saleh S ALAMRI

      Attaché (Military Office)

      Mrs Zuhur Mousa A ALSHERI