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The World Bank Group

  1. NSW

    The World Bank Group


    Level 19, CML Building, 14 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000

    Email Address


    +61 02 9223 7773


    02 9235 6593

    Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm

      Mr Paul VALLELY

      Manager Operations for The World Bank Group

      Mrs Sivaporn VALLELY

      Mr Stephen N. NDEGWA

      Country Director - Papua New Guinea & Pacific Islands

      Mr PENG Ximing

      Senior Energy Specialist

      Ms Yang YANG

      Mr David Michael GOULD

      Program Leader

      Mrs Robin Newland GOULD

      Mrs Ryoko TOMITA

      Senior Education Specialist

      Mr Brian Wentworth WILCOX

      Mr Satoshi OGITA

      Senior Transport Specialist

      Ms Chihiro FUJIMOTO

      Ms Kari Lynn HURT

      Senior Operations Officer

      Mr Christopher David MILLER

      Senior Private Sector Specialist

      Ms Chogjmoo UUJ

      Mrs Nina Elisabeth DOETINCHEM

      Senior Environmental Specialist

      Mr Claudio Alberto GEORGETTE HOY

      Ms En Hui Elaine CHEE

      Social Development Specialist

      Ms Vipasha BANSAL


      Mr Benjamin BANSAL

      Mrs Myat Kay KHINE

      Procurement Specialist

      Mr Thein Win TUN

      Ms Slavena GEORGIEVA

      Energy Specialist

      Ms NANG Mo Kham

      Senior Economist (Health)

    International Finance Corporation - East Asia and the Pacific

    IFC East Asia and the Pacific

    Level 18, 14 Martin Place , Sydney, NSW 2000


    02 9235 6519


    02 9235 6595

    Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm

      Ms Judith Anne Elizabeth GREEN

      Pacific Country Manager for The World Bank Group

      Ms Aicha SOW

      Senior Operations Officer

      Mr Jacobus VERMAAK

      Principal Investment Officer

      Mr Kevin GANI

      Operations Investment Officer

      Mr Sandeep KOTA

      Environmental and Social Development Specialist

      Mrs Ramya PARIJAT

Dates in brackets appearing after the names of Ambassadors and High Commissioners and Chargés d'Affaires are the dates of their presentation of Letters of Credence or of Commission or, for High Commissioners who present Letters of Introduction, the dates of their arrival in Canberra. For Chargés d'Affaires ad interim and Acting High Commissioners they are the dates on which they assumed those duties.

Surnames or family names are shown in large capital letters.