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  1. Victoria

    Consulate-General of the Republic of Iraq


    17/75 Lorimer Street , Docklands, VIC 3008

    Email Address

    8:00am to 3:00pm


      Mr Belal Mahmood Ateya ATEYA

      Consul-General of Iraq

      Mrs Tuqa Hilal Sabah ALFAKHERI

      Mr Mudhar Kurdi AL-BAYATI

      Deputy Consul-General

      Mrs Dhoha Abdulbasit Turki AL-BAYATI

      Mr Haider Hussien Abdalameer AL-NASRAWI

      Staff Member (Accountant)

      Mrs Mariem Fakhri Radif AL-BAYATTI

  2. New South Wales

    Consulate-General of the Republic of Iraq


    75 Elizabeth Street , SYDNEY, NSW 2000

    Email Address


    02 9237 0600

    New South Wales

      Mrs lntisar Fadhil Abbas AL-DAWOODI

      Consul-General of Iraq

      Mr Jamal Hameed Khudhur AL-TAIE

      Mr Mohammed Talal Mohammed AL-BAIATY

      Deputy Consul-General

      Mr Mohammed Ahmed lbrahim FADHLI


      Mrs Diana Riyadh Jasim JASIM

      Mr Daham Naji Daham DAHAM


      Mrs Mays Rafea Hazim HAZIM

      Ms Farah Mahmood Abdulrazzaq ABDULRAZZAQ